Monday, September 17, 2012

Food Glamour Oops {Icing A Cake}

For my first Valentine's Day with my now husband, I wanted to bake him a cake. This was 8 years ago and I didn't know a thing about being domestic. I baked the cake and didn't let it cool down all the way. I tried to remove it from the pan and it all fell apart. So it ended up being more like a "crumb" cake, literally. I put it all back into the pan and decorated it as is.

It was very embarrassing but I gave it to him anyway. We had a good laugh about it.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beauty Glamour Oops {Rag Hair Rolls}

So that night I cut my t-shirt strips nice and big, since they said "for bigger curls, use a wider strip of fabric." I barely dampened my hair to assure that it would be dry by morning. I locked myself in the bathroom and got to rollin'. I made 6 sections and rolled them "loosely" yet tight enough to stay tied until morning while I slept.

The next day I woke up excited to see how it looked. I untied the "rollers", looked in the mirror and froze...There I was with kinky, tight curls. There was no helping them. I separated the curls. I brushed the luck. It was awful! What was I going to do?! I had to be at work in time to shower, no time to wash and dry it now. My fix? A ponytail. That's right, a giant, curly ponytail that you could see from the front!

So my glamourous hair turned into a glamour oops, but was somewhat salvaged. My coworkers loved the big curly, not so much. I felt like I had been at a show choir contest and had put my hair up for the bus ride home.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Food Glamour Oops {Baked Egg In Avocado}

For the last several months on pinterest, blogs and just about everywhere I have heard about about baking an egg in avocado. Apparently it the best thing next to sliced bread. So of course I had to try that -ish out. So I researched all the recipes. It was simple enough:

Heat over to 400 degrees. Cut avocado in half (remove pit)  and put on baking sheet. Crack egg in hole. Put season. Bake for 30ish minutes.

Okay, that couldn't be too hard right? It was all fine and dandy until it was time to put the egg in the hole (...that's what she said), because within two seconds the first egg slid right out off. I am not one to quit right away so I did it again. And the result:

Yup, let's file this under good in theory, but a straight up Glamour Oops in the food department. I was hesitant anyways. I am not too sure about warm avocado (justification makes failure easier, right?)

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Monday, September 10, 2012

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