Monday, September 10, 2012

Welcome to Glamour Oops!

Welcome to! We all have ideas that were perfect in theory. From craft projects, to cooking to nail polish designs we have all had at least one woe along the way. This site will bring us all together by showcasing the failures of those trying to live the glamorous life. Because you aren't alone.

We also hope to feature GlamourOops projects that turned GlamourWow --- because we can fix some oopsies. And we hope to issue some challenges where we can all try out new projects, recipes, etc.
We are bound to have a lot of fun and laughter as the posts start posting, so don't miss out on anything. Click on the little box on our right sidebar and become a glammie! You know you want to. Don't make us double dog dare you. 

Want to have your GlamourOops featured? Email glamouroops at gmail dot com with the following information:

1. Your name
2. Your blog/site and twitter handle
3. A picture or two of your GlamourOops
4. A short description of what you were trying to make and where it went wrong. The funnier the better!

Do you have a GlamourOops that became a GlamourWow? Send us your woes to wows stories as well. Or maybe a GlamourOops that should have been, but turned out amazing? Follow the same submission as the GlamourOops, but please include how you saved the project. 

If your GlamourOops or GlamourOops to GlamourWow is selected on the site you will receive an email confirming along with publishing date and a button that you can use on your site about being featured.

P to the S we will be moving to as soon as possible. Blogger has temporarily disable custom domain mapping, so in the intermin we will be using our address. It doesn't affect you much, but we can file that under a GlamourOops as well.

*Note: All submissions become property of The site will give you credit, but is allowed to reproduce for benefit and growth of the site. We cannot guarantee that all submissions will be posted. The description may be modified as needed.


Midwest Cornfed Mom said...

So excited to follow this endeavor. Can't wait to see other people's oops too :)

Meagan said...

Love this my friend! Now I want to try a craft project and mess it up. Maybe I can share a project that I tried to do with Chase and he totally just ate paint instead?